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Sunday, May 14, 2023

Happy Mother's Day: Temple being built in memory of mother for 10 crores, something special will happen like this

Happy Mother's Day:
In Andhra Pradesh, a son is getting a temple constructed for his mother. The cost of construction is estimated at Rs 10 crore. A 51 feet idol of the mother will be installed in the temple.

Happy Mother's Day: Always loving, giving courage, always wanting the well-being of her children, melting like a candle, and none other than a mother. She not only gives birth, but she also works hard to make your life better. She also wakes up at night. A mother always wishes that her children should be as high as the sky.

A son thought that what should he do to repay the debt of the mother who nursed him for nine months. He has built a temple in the name of his mother Anusia Devi. 70 percent work of the temple has been completed. The construction work of Maa Anusia Devi temple will be completed soon.

Mother died in 2008

Shravan Kumar's mother took full care of his studies. Encouraged a lot for studies. Mother Anusiya Devi passed away in 2008. When Shravan grew up educated, he started his business in Hyderabad. Thinking that his mother's memory should remain intact forever.. he built a temple at Chimalvalasa. The work of the temple started in 2019. It is estimated that Rs 10 crore will be spent on its construction.

He discussed with Balagam Chiranjeevi, one of the architects, Pandidurai, a sculptor from Tamil Nadu, and a team of sculptors from Odisha, for the construction of the Yadagiri Gutta Sri Lakshminarasimha Temple. He talked about the construction of Amma Devasthanam as per Agama Shastra norms. He entrusted the work of building the temple to the same team.

51 feet statue of mother will be installed

Only Krishna stone is being used in the construction of this temple. Instead of cement, the method used in ancient times is being used to join the stones. The strength of the temple was maintained by the use of stone mixture and the temple remained intact for decades. An idol of Shravan's mother Anusiya Devi will be installed as the foundation of the temple, whose height will be 51 feet.

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