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Saturday, May 27, 2023

Hair Transplant: How long does hair last after hair transplant? how much money is spent

Those who have more hair fall can make up their mind for hair transplant. But before doing this, do know that how long will the hair after transplant last and how much will it cost.

Hair Transplant After Hair Fall:   If hair falls very fast, it often happens that baldness starts appearing on its own head. Some people also suffer from mental stress due to hair loss. Along with this, it starts affecting the social life as well. Because, everyone is worried about their appearance as well. In which hair plays an important role. Many people also consider the option of hair transplant before hair loss. In hair transplant, new hair is grafted on the head. Know how effective this method is and how expensive it is.

How long does hair transplant last?

Many factors contribute to this process and its sustainability. It also depends on how skilled the doctor from whom hair transplant is being done. In which part of your head and in which part the hair is being transplanted, the hair's survival also depends on it. For example, understand something like this that hair from the back of your head has been removed and applied, then it will not last long in transplant. Because, the age of these hairs is already less. Generally, hair taken from the right place lasts for 15 to 20 years. Your diet also determines how healthy the transplanted hair will be.

How expensive is the process?

The way transplanted hair lasts depends on many factors. Similarly, its cost also depends on different factors. If you get hair transplant done by a skilled and experienced doctor, then you will get 50 thousand rupees per graft. From 70 thousand to Rs. Fees up to Rs. It is possible that you can get this process done at a lower cost as well. But if the processor is not experienced then it is possible that the process of transplant can be cheated quickly. In such a situation, the possibility of getting cheap treatment may increase.

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