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Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Government will enact a new law to crack down on AI smart technology, know why?

The Government of India is also considering creating a regulatory framework to curb this. So that this too can be brought under the purview of the law.

The trend of AI-enabled smart tech platforms like ChatGPT is increasing rapidly in the country. Looking at the trend of AI-enabled smart technology, the governments including India are worried about this new technology. Governments around the world are engaged in many efforts so that it can be curbed. The Government of India has also decided to create a regulatory framework to curb this.

Communications and IT Minister Ashwini Vaishnav said that the influence of AI platforms is increasing rapidly in the country. Many countries of the world are keeping an eye on this. After discussion among countries around the world, there is a need to create a new framework in this regard. So that it can be controlled. Apart from this, European and American regulators are already considering enacting laws to crack down on such smart technology.

To curb this new technology, all countries need to create a co-operative framework. ChatGPT has been developed by startup company OpenAI. It was launched at the end of 2022 last year and in the first 5 days itself more than 10 lakh users were created.

Google is making generative AI tool

Google is also developing its own generative AI tool Bard, but regulators around the world are worried about the increasing popularity, acceptance and growing trend of such technology. Their concern is that this could mislead people, spread fake news, infringe copyrights and lead to loss of jobs for millions of people.

There may be a crisis on jobs

Apart from this, there can be a crisis on jobs on a large scale in the country. That's why the government is considering making a new law to curb this. Because the role of the government is necessary to reduce the dangers of such powerful AI systems and to save people from its effects. Because of this the common people may have to face many kinds of problems. The people of the country are worried that due to the advance of technology, their way of living will change completely.

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