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Saturday, May 13, 2023

From elections to society, those 5 big occasions when Tata showed the country a new path

Tata Group, one of the oldest business houses of the country, has made a big contribution not only in the industry, but in the country from elections to the society, on every occasion. Know about 5 such big occasions when Tata Group has shown a new path to the country.

The country's largest and oldest business house Tata Group has shown a new path to the country on many important occasions. It has contributed on big occasions in India from the level of industry to society. Jamshedji Tata started it as a startup in the year 1868 and today it works from salt to making airplanes.

If we want to understand the contribution of Tata Group in the country, then we should see its works on 5 big occasions. They have been successful in bringing awareness in the country from knowledge-science to the level of elections. Today, Karnataka assembly election results are discussed everywhere, so let's start from here…

Tata launches 'anti-corruption' campaign

In the year 2007, Tata Group launched an advertising campaign for the Tata Tea brand on the theme 'Jago Re'. This was the biggest change in the advertising world till that time, because it directly questioned the political and administrative system of the country. This campaign was going to directly attack corruption.

Later, under this campaign, Tata Group ran an advertisement campaign on many other social issues ranging from election awareness. After the incident of Nirbhaya in the year 2012, this campaign expanded and it went beyond corruption and started spreading awareness about the social issues of the country.

Gave IISC Bangalore to the country

Tata Group has also contributed significantly in the field of education in the country. The biggest example of this is the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore. This education center was started in the year 1909 with the help of Jamsetji Tata. The local people knew it by the name of 'Tata Institute'. In the year 1958, this institute became a 'Deemed University' and in 2018 it got the status of 'Institute of Eminence'.

Wrote the history of atomic energy

Today India is an atomic power. But do you know that its connection is also with Tata Group. Dr. Homi Jehangir Bhabha is known as 'Father of Atopic Energy' in the country. When Bhabha started his research on nuclear energy, JRD Tata helped in funding it. With this Sir Dorabji Tata Trust sponsored his research. Later this institute came to be known as 'Tata Institute of Fundamental Research'.

Cancer Institute given to the country

Tata Group has also done the work of making India capable of fighting against diseases like cancer. Sir Dorabji Tata's wife Mehar Bai Tata died of cancer. Lady Tata Memorial Trust was started in her memory. Later a hospital was started in Mumbai through the Dorabji Tata Trust which was dedicated to the treatment of cancer. 'Tata Memorial Center' is the most prestigious cancer hospital in the country today.

These vehicles were given to the country for the first time

Vehicles give speed to the country's economy. Tata Group is one of those companies in the country which has always done something special in the automobile sector. Like Tata Group gave the first passenger vehicle Tata Sierra to the country. Similarly, Tata Indica was a fully indigenous vehicle made in the country. At the same time, the discussion that has started in the country regarding the safety rating of vehicles, the country got the first such 5-star safety rating car in the form of Tata Nexon.

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