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Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Fraud of 5.15 crores with AI video call, protect yourself from Deepfake fraud like this

Deepfake Frauds: Due to Deepfake technology, a person has been cheated of about Rs 5.15 crore. This incident was carried out by making fake video calls from AI. Let us see how to avoid deepfake fraud.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is very useful for cyber thugs. Recently, a person from China lost about Rs 5.15 crore by getting trapped in AI fraud. A fake video call was created from AI. By doing this the scammers trapped this person. With AI Deepfake technology, this person was prepared to transfer money. This incident shows how people are being trapped by deepfakes and AI, and fraud is also happening. Let us see how such fraud can be avoided.

The case of China shows how cleverly cybercriminals are using AI technology to commit fraud. The situation gets worse with deepfake technology. Deepfakes make everything seem real and people easily believe in fake things and take losses.

Video call to friend

The victim received a video call in the name of his friend. These calls were being made by cyber criminals. The cyber thug made a fake face of the victim's friend and talked on a video call through AI deepfake face swapping technology. He convinced the victim that he is his friend. The victim also transferred about Rs 5.15 crore considering it as a friend.

This is how fraud was detected

The victim realized the dupe when his friend denied any such video call or transaction details of Rs 5.15 crore. However, the police have recovered most of the money. Cyber ​​criminals are using photo, video, and now video call means every method to cheat.

Tips to Avoid Deepfake

With these tips, you can try to avoid the conspiracy of deepfakes.

1. Defects in the skin and parts of the body can be seen in the deepfake video or photo.

2. Shadows around the eyes

3. Abnormal blinking pattern

4. Abnormal glare on the glasses

5. Mime

6. Lips having a different natural color than the face

7. Facial hair mismatch

8. Fake mole on face

These are all signs that suggest that deepfake can be a fraud.

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