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Monday, May 15, 2023

Even after taking too much stress, the hair becomes weak and starts breaking, to stop them, do this yoga from today itself.

Along with lack of nutrition and pollution, stress can also be said to be a major reason for your hair fall. Hair fall also increases due to stress, but both stress and hair fall can be prevented through yoga.

Yoga Aasaan To Reduce Hair Fall: In today's run-of-the-mill life, if something is affecting the body the most, then it is stress. Stress i.e. stress makes the body and mind tired. Work pressure, family worries and many other issues are there, under which a person becomes a victim of stress. But this stress is not only harming your body or mind but also your hair. Health experts say that hair fall has become common due to stress. If seen, hair fall due to lack of nutrition can be prevented by proper diet, but hair fall due to stress is dangerous because in this the person does not know that he is a victim of stress. If you also feel that stress is causing your hair fall, then you can control both hair fall and stress by taking the help of yoga. 

You will get benefit from Pranayama

If seen, Pranayama is called the exercise of breathing. It involves focusing on your breath, taking deep breaths and trying to focus your mind. This removes stress and relaxes the mind. Pranayama has been said to be a very effective exercise to get rid of stress. It is very easy to do this. Sit cross-legged and during this your back should be absolutely straight. Now close your eyes keeping your palms on your knees. Now focus on your breath and start breathing deeply. First take a deep breath and then slowly release that breath while focusing. In this type of process, you have to focus your attention only on your breath. By doing this exercise regularly, your stress will gradually reduce. 

Surya Namaskar

Surya Namaskar has been said to be very easy and the most popular yoga posture to reduce stress. This helps in concentrating and reduces stress. This increases the energy level and detoxifies the body properly. Surya Namaskar should be done in the morning only and doing it on an empty stomach gives a lot of benefits. 

Do anulom vilom, stress will decrease

Anulom Vilom has also been considered effective for reducing stress. This will give relaxation to the mind and your hair fall will stop. With the help of this asana, the breathing system gets a lot of relaxation. To do this, first of all sit in the posture of Pranayama. Now place the thumb of the straight hand on the left nostril and breathe through the right nostril. Now do the exact opposite, that is, by pressing the right nostril with the thumb of the left hand, breathe through the left nostril. In this way you have to do this process ten to fifteen times in a day. This will focus your attention and your mind will also get a lot of rest.


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