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Friday, May 26, 2023

Car Summer Tips: Shimla will become a car in summer, just have to install these accessories

Car Summer Tips: If you travel by car in summer, then get these accessories installed in the car. After this your car will be as cool as Shimla.

Who does not like to go on a long drive, but when it comes to going on a long drive in summer, people often get confused. The whole fun of long drives in summer gets spoiled when the AC of the car is not able to cool the car , or the car does not cool down even when the AC is on. But now you can enjoy traveling comfortably in a cool car, for this you will have to install a small accessory which will make your car cool like Shimla. These accessories will not let your car overheat and will keep it cool always.

Windshield screen will get rid of heat

If you want to get rid of the heat and do not want to sweat then you can install windshield screen in your car. You will easily find windshield screens online on any e-commerce platform. Apart from this, if you want, you can buy offline from any store. Windshield screen proves to be very beneficial for you. It prevents the steering and seats of the car from getting hot. It is also not difficult to install it in the car, you can easily stick it in the car with the help of vacuum stickers.

Car Curtain

The heat in the car comes from all sides, in such a situation, arrangements for windshield screens have been made. Now you can do one thing for the side mirrors as well that you can buy Car Curtain both online or offline to put on them. After which your car will always be cool.

Car window fan (solar)

Car window fan works on solar energy and you can set it on your car window. It automatically starts the car when the car is locked. With the help of this product, the hot air does not stop in the car and the car remains cool. If you buy this product online, then you get it from Rs 2,000 to Rs 8,000.

After applying these products the heat from your car will go out and the car will always remain cool. That is, now you will not think before traveling in summer, you will be able to enjoy long drives comfortably.

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