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Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Cancer patients: Cancer patients also need emotional support, know the methods of care from experts

Cancer patients care tips: During the care of a cancer patient, many things need to be taken care of. Along with the treatment of the patient, he should also be given emotional support.

Cancer patients: When a patient comes to know that he has cancer , he breaks down emotionally as well. Fear for his life sits in his mind. Cancer treatment starts to save the patient's life, which in many cases lasts for a long time. During this, patient care is very important. Chemo and radiotherapy take place in the hospital, but the real care of the patient takes place at home. During this, many things have to be taken care of.

Especially if a woman has got cancer then her care is very important. A woman has a lot of responsibility in the house. In such a situation, cancer can break them emotionally. In this situation, the support of family members becomes very important. Apart from medicines, home care also plays an important role in cancer treatment. In such a situation, home care is very important. Let us know from the experts how to take care of a woman suffering from cancer.

Keep a positive atmosphere at home

Dr. Kanury VS Rao tells that if the woman in the house is suffering from cancer, then try to maintain a positive atmosphere in the house. Do not give any kind of mental stress to the woman and do not discuss much about the disease. Keep the atmosphere light, keep in mind that ask the patient to follow a good lifestyle and help him in this. Keep the patient around you, however, during this time try to keep the cleanliness good. This reduces the risk of any kind of infection.

Attention to Diet

Along with taking care of the patient, it is also necessary to take care of food. Give healthy diet to the patient as per the advice of the doctor. Include adequate amount of vitamins and proteins in the diet. Exercise the woman according to the capacity of the body. Get enough sleep and take special care of food. Family members spend time with the patient. You can also watch movies together. It is better if the movie is a comedy.

Keep track of patient's medications

Prepare a list of the patient's treatment and the medicines to be given at home. Prepare a list about the daily activities of the patient as well. Write in it that when to give which medicine and at what time what diet is to be given.

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