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Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Bread Corner Recipe: Make this delicious snack in a jiffy from leftover bread corners

Bread Corner Recipe: People often throw away the corner of bread considering it useless. But do you know? You can also make delicious snacks from them. You can enjoy these snacks with hot tea.

Bread Corner Recipe: People prepare many snacks using bread. It includes many things till sandwich, bread pudding and bread pakoda. Some of these dishes are tasty as well as healthy. People can use different types of bread to make them. This includes wholegrain bread, white bread and brown bread etc. But you must have seen that people often throw away the corner of the bread. But do you know that you can also prepare a great snack from the corner of bread. Yes, you can make delicious pakoras with bread crumbs. They can be served as a snack with tea in the evening. Apart from this, the fun of eating these snacks made of bread in the pleasant rainy season is different.

If you are bored of eating potato or onion pakoras, then you must try these pakoras made from the corner of bread. These pakoras are very easy to make. You can serve them with your favorite chutney and tea. Come learn here how you can make these pakoras at home.

Snack ingredients

Leftover Bread Corners

Half cup gram flour

Half teaspoon red chili powder

Half teaspoon chaat masala

Less than half teaspoon garam masala

Salt to taste

Water as needed

Bread Snack Recipe

Step - 1

First cut the remaining bread corner into small pieces.

Step – 2

Now take a big bowl. Put gram flour in it. Put all the spices in it.

Step – 3

After this, put the corner pieces of chopped bread in it.

Step – 4

Add water to it. Prepare a thick mixture from all these things.

Step – 5

Now heat oil in a pan. Pour the mixture little by little into the pan for pakodas.

Step – 6

Fry the pakoras till they become light brown. After this take them out on a plate and paper.

Step – 7

Now serve these pakoras with green chutney or tomato sauce. You can also enjoy it with hot tea.

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