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Sunday, May 21, 2023

Apps Ban: Apple's big action, 1474 apps banned at the behest of the government

Apps Ban: Apple took major action on asking the government to ban 1474 apps from the App Store, know which apps are included.

Apple removed 1,474 apps from the App Store in 2022 at the behest of different governments, including 1,435 from China and 14 from India. According to the company's 2022 App Store Transparency Report, the Pakistan government requested the removal of 10 apps, while Russia asked for the removal of seven apps that violate the law .

There were a total of 18,412 appeals to remove the app from different agencies across the world with 709 from India. Apple restored 24 apps in India last year after an appeal to remove the app.

1,679,694 app rejects for not following App Store policy

1. According to the report, there were a total of 1,783,232 apps on Apple's App Store in the last year. Tech giant Apple revived 6,101,913 app submissions and rejected 1,679,694 for violating App Store policies.

2. App submissions approved after rejection were 253,466 and the total number of apps removed from the App Store in 2022 was 186,195.

3. This was the first report published as part of the company's $100 million (Rs 8,29,05,50) settlement with App Store developers in 2021.

4. If you look at category wise, the company has removed 38,883 games, 20,045 utility and 16,997 business apps.

5. There were 36,974,015 registered Apple developers on the App Store, while Apple suspended 428,487 developer accounts in 2022 for violating its policy.

6. According to Apple, since its launch in 2008, the App Store has proven to be a safe and reliable platform for searching and downloading apps.

Fraud transaction apps banned from App Store

According to reports, earlier this week, Apple announced that its App Store prevented more than $2.09 billion (about 240,235,420) in fraudulent transactions in 2022, stopped nearly 3.9 million stolen credit card transactions, and 7,14,000 accounts were banned from doing transactions again.

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