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Sunday, May 21, 2023

Watch video and earn 8000 every hour, this company is giving unique offer

You are getting a chance to earn 8000 rupees every hour for watching videos, this company is giving a unique offer.

Most users spend hours on social media apps, scrolling through content and checking new trends, but they don't know that they can earn money from this work as well. Now you must be thinking that who will pay for this useless work, meaning it is often called wasting time on social media. But if you scroll Tiktok for 10 hours , the company will pay you.

In fact, Influencer marketing agency Ubiquitus has announced a benefit of $ 100 (about Rs 8,290) every hour to three people who watch Tiktok for 10 hours. According to the company, this decision will help in measuring online trends. Here we will tell you how you Tiktok scrolling people can apply for the job.

How to apply for Tiktok job

- First of all, take membership of Ubiquitous on YouTube and give details about yourself and why you are best fit for this job as compared to others.

- Note that the marketing agency is looking for people 18 years and older who know how the platform works.

- This guideline has to be followed after the watching session- After the watching session, the participants will be asked to post their experience on social media and tag the company.

- The last date for giving job application is 31st May. After giving the application, the participants will be informed after 7 days.

Creators will get payment like this

- TikTok is a video-sharing social media app owned by Beijing-based tech company ByteDance.

- Separately, TikTok has created a new fund where creators for reality effects will be rewarded.

- Tiktok's Effect Creator Rewards Fund will pay creators who create AR effects using Tiktok's Effect House tool.

- Initially, creators will be paid $700 (about Rs 58,033) for each effect used in 500,000 unique videos within 90 days of publication.

- Creators will earn $140 (roughly Rs. 11,606) for every 100,000 videos posted with Effects during this time period.

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