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Saturday, May 20, 2023

Ancient Ocean on Mars: Waves used to rise on Mars, ancient ocean was present! Evidence found on the Red Planet

Evidence has been found of having an ocean on Mars. This discovery has been made by Chinese researchers on the basis of the data obtained through multi-spectral camera of Zhurong Rover.

Earth's neighboring planet Mars still looks lifeless and dry. After seeing this, it seems as if someone's soul has been taken out from within. But you will be surprised to know that there was a time when high sea waves used to rise here. The ocean was spread all over the planet and it looked exactly like the earth. Now this has also been confirmed, because Chinese researchers have found evidence of ancient ocean on Mars .

An international team of researchers led by Chinese scholars has made a very important discovery regarding the land of Mars. The data obtained through the multi-spectral camera of China's Zhurong rover on Mars was analysed. It is known from this data that ocean was present on Mars. They have found evidence of elements found on marine sediments. This presents the first geological evidence of the existence of an ancient ocean in the northern region of the Red Planet.

What is the name of the research?

This discovery about Mars has exposed the past of the planet and new possibilities of life being present here. The name of this research is 'Evidence of Oceanic Sedimentary Rocks in Utopia Planitia: Observations from the Zhurong Rover', which has been published in the prestigious scientific journal National Science Review. The research is led by Professor Long Xiao of the School of Earth Sciences at the China University of Geosciences.

The atmosphere of Mars was completely different

Actually, Mars is known for its dry and cold environment. However, from the discovery that has been made now, it is known that billions of years ago the environment here would have been completely different from now.

It was also confirmed in earlier studies that there was definitely a time when there was abundant water on Mars. It was proposed to be an ocean through geological analysis and simulation. But till now it could not be confirmed.

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