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Tuesday, May 2, 2023

AI Fake Call: Fake call in the voice of friends and relatives, more than 80% people lost money

AI Scam Calls:
With the increasing trend of Artificial Intelligence (AI), cases of fraud through fake calls have also increased. In the voice of friends and relatives, people are asked for financial help. People later come to know that their money has been lost.

Till now we had heard about fraud through calls coming in the name of bank or credit-debit card. Cyber ​​criminals steal money from people's accounts by asking OTP. When awareness about this type of fraud spread, cybercriminals invented other methods. One of these ways is to scam with AI calls . Cybercriminals have invented this new trick to trap people in their trap. People get fake calls in the voice of friends and relatives and after some time they get cheated.

The speed with which technology is increasing, new ways of cheating people are also coming to the fore. While Artificial Intelligence has surprised the whole world with its capability, cyber criminals have also found a new way of cheating. Now these people have also started using artificial intelligence for cheating.

AI calls are not recognized

A survey by McAfee, an online security firm, has revealed that 69% of Indians cannot differentiate between real and fake voice calls made by AI. This figure shows how easily people can be made their prey. Nearly half (47%) of Indians have either experienced an AI call scam themselves or know someone who has experienced an AI voice scam.

Fraud on the pretext of friends and relatives

The most surprising thing is that 83% of Indians believed that their money was lost due to fake calls. These vicious criminals call innocent people through AI. On the call, help is sought for money in the voice of a friend or relative. Call claiming they are trapped or that the phone or wallet has been stolen. Efforts are made to recover money with many such excuses.

Loss of self in pursuit of help

Most people come forward to help considering the call as genuine. After this they realize that they have been cheated. 48% people admitted that they have lost more than Rs 50,000 by falling prey to AI calls. In this survey, questions were asked to 7,054 people from seven countries, out of which 1,010 were Indians.

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