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Saturday, May 27, 2023

4 to 8 security personnel do security! Know how is Y Securtiy, which Dhirendra Shastri of Bageshwar Dham has got

What is Y Securtiy: Dhirendra Krishna Shastri, the narrator of Bageshwar Dham government, has been given Y category security. He has also received death threats. Let us know what is Y security.

Bageshwar Dham News: The security of famous storyteller Dhirendra Krishna Shastri of Bageshwar Dham government has been increased. He has been given Y category security by the government. Dhirendra Krishna Shastri, who was in limelight for his statements, had received death threats some time back. In such a situation, now he has got Y category security from the government. Let us know what is this Y category security and what is available in it. 

Who does the work of providing security?

By the way, both the state and the central government can do the work of providing security to any person. The Ministry of Home Affairs had said in response to an RTI that the matter of providing security to VIP or VVIP people is primarily that of the state government. However, looking at the seriousness of the threat, the state government can provide security in collaboration with the central government and security agencies. By the way, sometimes the central government itself also provides security. 

How many types of security in India? 

There are six types of security cover for the security of VVIP people in India. X, Y, Y+, Z, Z+ and SPG. Out of this, the work of the Special Protection Group (SPG) is only for the security of the Prime Minister, for which the annual budget of this group is 600 crores. After this security is provided keeping in view the seriousness of the threat.

So many security personnel are found in Y security

This is the third level of security cordon. This protection is given to people who are at risk of less than Z+ and Z levels. Two PSOs and an armed guard are stationed at the residence of the person who is given Y category security round the clock and provide additional security. In this, 8 to 9 security personnel are available, who do their duty shift wise. However, according to the shift, their number may be less or more. In the Y security category, 4 to 8 security personnel and 1-2 commandos are available according to the seriousness of the threat.

What is Y Plus Security?  

It gets about 11 (5 for residence and 6 for personal security) security personnel. Personal Security Officers are deployed in security on rotation basis in three shifts. Simply put, in this level of security, two PSOs are with the protected person at all times. 

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