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Sunday, April 9, 2023

Urfi Javed: Urfi reached Bigg Boss OTT on loan, has said this big thing about Shahrukh Khan

Urfi Javed: Social media sensation Urfi Javed has revealed many things recently. He has told that he did not have money before going to Bigg Boss OTT.

Urfi Javed is now living in the limelight for her fashion sense as well as for her statements. Urfi has made many shocking revelations about her personal life many times. She has told many times how she comes from a family and she used to get to hear some kind of taunts about her clothes since childhood. Urfi has faced a lot to reach where she is today.

Demand loan to go to Bigg Boss OTT

Urfi Javed has recently revealed that he did not have money when he was offered Bigg Boss OTT. He had borrowed from many people before going to the show and had prepared the clothes he wore in the show by himself through DIY.

Urfi wants fame as much as Shahrukh Khan

According to Urfi Javed, he did not get the love of his parents in his childhood. That's why she wants the attention of the whole world. She wants people to call her Urfi Javed, Urfi Javed wherever she goes. Even if Shah Rukh Khan is there, just look at Urfi.

Urfi did a lot of struggle for money

Urfi has done a lot for money. When she came to Mumbai, she had no money. He taught tuition for money and also worked in a call center. Urfi says that he used to have no money even to pay the rent. Although she used to make friends for food. So every day she used to eat food sometimes at a friend's house and sometimes at a friend's house.

All the work was snatched due to trolling

When Urfi Javed understood that there is no money, why not achieve fame, then he started presenting his talent to the world. But Urfi was trolled so much for her fashion that the branding she used to get was also taken away. Urfi Javed was completely in debt.

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