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Sunday, April 2, 2023

Unique experiment in France, billboards illuminated with bacteria, you will also be surprised

This technology will also be used to illuminate a city in France. Work has also started on this. Plans are being made to take this technology to a large scale in France.

A unique news has come out from France . This news is related to bacteria. Yes, bacteria which you consider to be the cause of diseases and want to stay away from them. Now a special kind of experiment has been done with this bacteria. Actually there is a city in France, Rhombuie. Here bacteria are being used for light. According to the information, the boards of advertisements are being illuminated here with the help of these bacteria. Not only this, work is being done to use bacteria to illuminate the roads as well.

This unique effort has become a topic of discussion in France. Here, instead of using electricity for lighting, light-emitting bacteria are being used. According to the information, bacteria obtained from deep sea fish are used for this work. Deep sea fish gets this bacteria when it brings it on its head. This situation comes when they feel threatened by someone. Now the question arises that how this bacteria scatters light. Actually all this happens with the help of a chemical which is found in these bacteria. The name of this chemical is Luciferin. As soon as it meets oxygen, particles of light are emitted.

people's support

According to the DW report, the people of the city are appreciating this experiment and want to use something like this to light up the streets. Talking about this, a woman said that it would be a great thing if bacteria could be used for lighting street lights or pavements as well. However, he also advised that if we use it to illuminate the city, then work will have to be done to increase its illumination. Plans are being made to take this technique on a large scale in France.

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