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Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Twitter Blue Tick: All old blue ticks will be removed from this day, Elon Musk told 'final date'

Twitter Blue Tick: The removal of blue ticks acquired through the old method has once again gained momentum. Giving information about a special day, Elon Musk said that on this day all legacy blue ticks will be removed. You also see on which day the company will remove the old blue ticks.

Twitter's new chief Elon Musk has once again indicated to remove the old blue mark. The billionaire businessman has given the deadline on Twitter that on which day the blue checkmark will be removed. Musk has been advocating Blue Subscription for a long time. The company will now take away the blue ticks acquired in the old way. If someone wants to save his blue tick , then he has to buy Twitter blue subscription. Let us see from which date Elon Musk will remove the blue mark of verified people from the old system.

Elon Musk tweeted that the final date to remove the legacy blue check is 4/20. However, it is not clear whether 4/20 means April 20 or something else. The date announced by Musk can also be a joke because on this day there is a celebration of cannabis.

April 20 deadline or a joke?

Twitter had first announced the deadline of April 1 to remove the legacy blue tick. However, now Musk has given the final date of 4/20 by tweeting. It is also not clear whether Musk has chosen the day of April 20 or he is joking. In fact, in America, where things like cannabis are legal, there is a cannabis celebration on 20 April.

Musk got trapped earlier also by tweeting 420

Because of 4/20, Elon Musk has been trapped before. Actually, in 2018, Elon Musk announced to make Tesla a private company at $ 420 per share. However, he could not do so. Because of this, he also had to face the anger of the investors. At the same time, a case was also filed against him for making false tweets. This matter was also linked to cannabis celebration (joke). However, Musk was acquitted in this case.

Twitter changed the description

Twitter has also changed the description of verified users. Now it is written on the verified account that it is verified because either Blue Tick has been subscribed or it is an old verified account. For the web version of Twitter Blue, Rs 650 per month will have to be charged while the annual plan is Rs 6,800 per year.

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