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Friday, April 21, 2023

Turmeric and tea saved Indians from the havoc of Corona, know how from experts

Benefits of turmeric: Dr. RP Parashar, Chief Medical Officer, Department of Ayurveda, Municipal Corporation of Delhi told Tv9 that turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties.

Coronavirus: Since ancient times, our ancestors consider turmeric beneficial for health. For a long time, the importance of its consumption in diseases is being told. Now the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has also considered turmeric and tea very beneficial in its research. ICMR has said that turmeric and tea have saved the people of India from the serious effects of Kovid . There have been fewer deaths of Kovid in India as compared to other countries.

ICMR has said that immunity was strengthened by the consumption of turmeric and tea. Which has helped a lot in the fight against Kovid. Even during the Corona epidemic, many experts had advised people to consume turmeric to boost immunity.

Now in such a situation it is also important to know that how did turmeric and tea save us from Covid? To know this, we have talked to Ayurvedic doctors.

Turmeric has antiinflammatory properties

Dr. RP Parashar, Chief Medical Officer in the Ayurveda Department in the Municipal Corporation of Delhi, says that due to the infection of corona virus, there was a problem of inflammation in the body. In many cases, chronic inflammation was also happening in the lungs. Since turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties, it did not allow swelling in the body. Due to which the dangerous effect of the virus was saved.

Turmeric has the ability to eliminate many types of dangerous bacteria and viruses. It can destroy the virus even before it can grow in the body. Turmeric also contains curcumin in good quantity, due to which Kovid was eliminated inside the respiratory tract itself.

This is the wonder of tea

Dr. Parashar tells that in our homes tea is consumed by adding clove, basil, ginger inside it. All these things make immunity strong. Tea contains catechins. Because of this, the amount of triglyceride in the blood remains under control. Due to which heart disease is also prevented. Staying under control of heart diseases also saved us from the serious effects of Covid.

Turmeric is also beneficial in asthma

Ayurvedic doctor and Yug Guru Dr. Bharat Bhushan explains that turmeric does not allow inflammation in the body. It also protects against diseases like asthma. Since asthma patients were more at risk of Kovid. In such a situation, the asthma patients who had consumed turmeric did not get serious symptoms from Covid. Apart from this, our stomach also remains fine with turmeric. Due to which the digestive system becomes strong and there is less possibility of any infection in the stomach.

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