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Thursday, April 6, 2023

Salary is less than 60,000, income tax has to be paid 113 crores… what is the matter after all?

Just imagine, your monthly salary is less than Rs 60,000 and you get a notice from the Income Tax Department for paying Rs 113 crore tax. Aren't you surprised? But this news of Bhind of Madhya Pradesh is true...

MP is strange… most amazing… Madhya Pradesh government uses this line to promote tourism in the state. But here we are going to tell you such an incident from Bhind in Madhya Pradesh, where a person with a salary of less than Rs 60,000 per month has received a notice to pay income tax of Rs 113 crore.

This is not the first time Ravi Gupta, 30, from Bhind has received such a notice. In fact, in 2019 also, notices have been received to pay tax of several crores. On the complaint of the matter, the Prime Minister's Office has also set up an inquiry on it and now the new Income Tax notice has reached them.

132 crore transaction happened in 2011-12

The latest case pertains to a banking transaction of Rs 132 crore in 2011-12. Whereas earlier in 2019, Ravi Gupta had received a notice to pay tax of Rs 3.49 crore in this connection. Then his salary was around Rs 7,000 and he used to work in a BPO in Indore. Now his salary is Rs 58,000 per month.

According to a TOI news, the Prime Minister's Office had taken cognizance in this matter in 2020 and asked the Finance Ministry to investigate. At the same time, Ravi Gupta has given information about this by complaining to CBI and ED. He says that this case seems to be money laundering on a large scale and he is surprised why the investigating agencies have not investigated it till now.

Bank gave clean chit to Gupta

When the ministry investigated Ravi Gupta's case on the notice of the year 2019, he got a clean chit. This time, at the end of March, he has received a fresh notice to pay Rs 113 crore. This time he has received this notice through the new 'faceless proceeding' of the Income Tax Department, so he is even more shocked to see it.

Ravi Gupta has been contacting the Central Investigation Agencies regarding this notice for the last 5 years, but till now he has not received any response on this. Ravi Gupta says that this notice is no less than a mental harassment. There will be many people like him who will be troubled by such notices. They don't know when and where it will stop.

Two more colleagues got tax notice

Along with Ravi Gupta, two other co-workers working in the same BPO have also received income tax notices for transactions in 2011-12. Apart from them, transactions worth hundreds of crores have been done using the PAN cards of Kapil Gupta and Praveen Rathod.

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