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Monday, April 17, 2023

Nandini ruined her own business while fighting with Amul, settled with Milma in Kerala

Amul Vs Nandini:
Milma of Kerala has now entered the fight between two dairy co-operatives Amul and Nandini during the Karnataka elections. The point at which Nandini is fighting with Amul to save her business, the same thing is destroying her business in Kerala. Read this news...

Sometimes the condition of big companies also gets worse on the political board. Now look at the recent case of Amul and Nandini's fight during the Karnataka elections. The quarrel started with Amul's entry into the Bengaluru market. The people of the state considered it a threat to the local brand Nandini. The talk that started with the Boycott trend on social media reached political rallies and now Kerala's Milma brand has also jumped into it.

It so happened that Nandini, a brand of Karnataka Milk Federation, sells its products in many neighboring states as well. These include Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala. Now when the company opened two of its outlets in Kerala recently, the Kerala Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation has objected to it. The Federation of Kerala has its own brand Milma .

How about those from Gujarat in Karnataka?

When the fight between Amul and Nandini was politicized, then in the election atmosphere, the talk started that the people of Gujarat wanted to break into Karnataka. Since Amul is related to Gujarat. At the same time, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah, two big leaders of the BJP, who are working hard to save power in the state, are also related to Gujarat. Amit Shah also has the charge of the Ministry of Cooperatives.

Now Milma has said something similar. Milma has expressed concern over the tendency of milk co-operatives of one state to expand in another state. Milk Federation of Kerala says that this is a step to hurt the spirit of 'cooperative movement'. While cooperatives have benefited crores of livestock farmers in the country.

Ice cream, ghee makes entry, then captures the milk market

Milma Chairman K.S. Mani says that this method is 'unethical'. There is a way to sell milk co-operative goods from one state to another.

Milk co-operatives first start selling their value added goods like ice cream, sweets, ghee etc. in a state. Then they also start selling milk. After this, the sale of liquid milk is started and after that the sale of milk is started at street shops.

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