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Sunday, April 9, 2023

Laptop Tips: No one can read your chats on laptop, in this way blur your private chat

Laptop Tips: If you want that if you are running a laptop in the office or in the metro, then you can blur your chat in this way so that no one can read your chat.

Laptop Tips: In today's time, WhatsApp has become such an app that has millions of users and it has become a part of their lives. Then whether it is office work, online payment, document sharing, etc., most of the users have become dependent on this app. Many times it happens that you keep WhatsApp on your desktop or laptop in the office. In such a situation, it is possible that someone can read your personal chat in your absence, but to overcome this problem, today we have brought such a trick for you, with the help of which you can easily blur your WhatsApp chat. Are.

For this, you have to download an extension on your chrome, in this you also get privacy tools, WA Web Plus for WhatsApp is an extension in which you can blur everything with your WhatsApp chat, contact list. After this you can talk to anyone anywhere without any fear that no one in your office or metro will read your chats.

How to use WA Web Plus for WhatsApp extension

If you want that the chat should not be visible to others and you can use laptop in office or metro without any tension, then for this open Chrome Web Store and search WA Web Plus for WhatsApp in the search bar.

- Now the option of WA Web Plus for WhatsApp extension will appear here.

- After this, click on the option of Add to Chrome.

- After this you will have a new shortcut show for the extension in the toolbar.

- Click on the shortcut option to launch WhatsApp.

- To open the menu of extensions here, click on the shortcut option again.

In WA Web Plus for WhatsApp user, you can also set lock screen password. This will especially come in handy in situations when you leave your seat and go somewhere. In such a situation, no one will be able to access it without entering the password.

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