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Monday, April 24, 2023

Ganga Saptami 2023: When is Ganga Saptami, know when and how to bathe, donate and worship on this day

Ganga Saptami 2023: What is the importance of Ganga Saptami festival celebrated on Shuklapaksha of Vaishakh month? When will it fall this year and what is its worship method, definitely read this article to know.

Ganga Saptami 2023: The Ganga Saptami festival associated with the Ganges, which is not considered a river but a goddess in Hinduism, will be celebrated this year on Thursday, April 27, 2023. This auspicious festival, which is celebrated every year on the fifth day of the month of Vaishakh, has been considered very important in Hinduism because it is believed that on this day Mother Ganga came out of Lord Brahma's kamandal and merged into Lord Shiva's hair . In Sanatan tradition, Ganga Saptami festival is also celebrated as Ganga Jayanti. Let us know the auspicious time and religious significance of the holy festival of Ganga Saptami which is also known as Jahnu Saptami.

Auspicious time of Ganga Saptami

According to Pt. Devendra Tripathi, a well-known astrologer of Prayagraj and a scholar of theology, this year, the Saptami date of Shukla Paksha of Vaishakh month is 27 April 2023, 18 minutes 48 minutes after sunrise. On this day, this auspicious date will remain till 01:05 pm in Prayagraj and till 01:38 pm according to the country's capital Delhi. In such a situation, the great festival of Ganga Saptami will be celebrated on 27 April 2023, Thursday only. Whereas this year the holy festival of Ganga Dussehra will be celebrated on 30 May 2023. According to the Panchang, the auspicious time for mid-day worship of Ganga Saptami will be from 11:00 am to 01:38 pm.

Worship method of Ganga Saptami

To worship Mother Ganga on the day of Ganga Saptami, get up early in the morning before sunrise and if possible, go to the banks of the Ganges and take bath. If due to any reason you are unable to go to the banks of the Ganga, then mix a little Ganga water in the water at your home and take a bath while meditating on Mother Ganga. After bath, sprinkle Ganga water on the idol or photo of Maa Ganga and offer flowers, sandalwood, fruits, sweets etc. After this, after lighting a lamp of pure ghee, read the hymn of Mother Ganga or chant her mantra "Om Namo Gangayai Vishwaroopinyai Narayanyai Namo Namah". At the end of the puja, perform aarti of Maa Ganga and ask her for blessings of happiness, prosperity and good fortune.

Donation of Ganga Saptami

To get the virtuous fruit of worshiping Mother Ganga on Ganga Saptami, if possible, a person should donate food, clothes and money etc. as much as possible to a needy person after going to the banks of the Ganges and taking a bath in the Ganges. It is believed that by doing this remedy related to charity, a person gets freedom from sins and attains virtue.

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