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Monday, April 3, 2023

French minister caught in controversies by posing for Playboy magazine, know why there was a ruckus?

France is already grappling with huge tensions. Meanwhile, the French minister has created a ruckus by posing for Playboy magazine. His allies in the French government are criticizing him.

A French minister is embroiled in controversies these days. The name is Marlene Schiappa. Marlene Schiappa fights for women's rights. She is currently the Minister of Social Economy and French Associations in the Government of France. Now coming to the ongoing controversy regarding him. In fact, recently she did something that has come under attack from her own government. There is a magazine named Playboy. Marlene Schiappa posed for its front cover. But doing this now his colleagues in the French government are not liking it. He is criticizing her fiercely. French Prime Minister Elizabeth Borne is also among those criticized.

Actually all of them believe that Marlene Schiappa made a big mistake by posing. Along with her picture on the cover of the magazine, a 12-page interview has also been published in which she talks about women and LGBTQ rights. Along with this, he has also talked about abortion. After posing for the magazine, Schiappa has also responded to all the criticisms. He tweeted on this issue on Saturday and said that this is for all the critics and Hippocrates. Women have full right to control their body anytime and anywhere. Women are free in France.

Let me tell you, 40-year-old Marlene Schiappa became the country's first gender equality minister in the year 2017. However, this is not the first time that she is embroiled in controversies. Even before this, she has angered the rightwing many times.

Why is the cooperation of the French government angry?

Actually, France is facing the fire of strike and protests at this time. The public has come out on the streets against the government. The government is considering increasing the retirement age in France by two years. The people of France are angry about this. At the same time, some people in the French government believe that it was not right for Marlene Schiappa to pose for Playboy magazine in such a tense situation.

AFP has quoted an aide as saying that French Prime Minister Elizabeth Borne had called Marlene Schiappa and told her that this is not right at all, especially considering the current situation.

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