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Sunday, April 9, 2023

CNG-PNG Price Update: After Delhi, Mumbai, CNG-PNG became cheaper in 34 more districts of the country

After reducing the prices of CNG-PNG in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, now their prices have been reduced in 34 more districts of the country. After reducing the prices of CNG-PNG by Mahanagar Gas, Adani Gas and Indraprastha Gas, now Torrent Gas has also cut it.

The month of April has brought news of relief for those who cook food from PNG in their homes and those who drive from CNG. This week, the central government has fixed a new formula regarding the pricing of natural gas in the domestic market, after which the gas supplying companies are cutting its prices one by one. After cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Ahmedabad, now the price of CNG-PNG has come down in 34 more districts.

The Union Cabinet has accepted the recommendations of the Kirit Parikh Committee on natural gas pricing last Friday. Now the domestic natural gas prices will be fixed on the basis of Indian crude oil basket. This is expected to reduce the prices of PNG by up to 10 percent and CNG by up to 9 percent, and its effect has already started showing.

CNT in Chennai-Jaipur cheaper by Rs 8.25

Now Gujarat's Torrent Gas has announced a reduction in the prices of CNG-PNG. This company has gas supply license in 34 districts of the country including Chennai and Jaipur. Now the price of CNG has come down to Rs 8.25 per kg in these districts. Whereas the price of PNG has come down by Rs 5 per unit.

Torrent Gas said in a statement that the company has reduced the price of PNG by Rs 4 per unit to Rs 5 per unit (SCM) in different cities of its operation since late Saturday evening. At the same time, the retail price of CNG has also decreased from Rs 6 to Rs 8.25 per kg.

Will save 47 percent compared to petrol

The company claims that after the reduction in the price of CNG, common customers will save an average of 47 percent on driving a car as compared to petrol. At the same time, running a car with CNG will be 31 percent cheaper than diesel. Similarly, PNG will save people up to 28 percent as compared to domestic LPG cylinders.

Indraprastha, Adani, Mahanagar Gas reduced prices

Earlier, Indraprastha Gas Limited, the company supplying CNG-PNG in the country's capital Delhi, has cut their price by up to Rs.6. On the other hand, Mahanagar Gas Limited, the gas supplying company in the financial capital Mumbai, has reduced the price of CNG by Rs 8, while the price of PNG has been reduced by Rs 5.

Similarly, Adani Total Gas, which supplies gas in cities like Ahmedabad, Vadodara and Faridabad, has reduced CNG prices by Rs 8.13 and PNG by Rs 5.06.

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