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Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Cancer will end with this Ayurvedic medicine! Trial started, results will come soon

Cancer In India: The number of deaths due to cancer is increasing every year. Now people below the age of 50 are also falling prey to this disease. Now there is a hope of curing this disease with a medicine of Ayurveda.

Cancer Ayurvedic treatment: Deadly disease like cancer is continuously spreading in India. Due to this, lakhs of patients die every year. Cancer is taking the form of an epidemic in India. Till date no definite treatment has been found for it. But now there is a ray of hope in the treatment of this disease. Actually, the trial of cancer treatment will be started with Ayurveda medicine V2S2.

This trial will be started at Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai. It may take up to one year to complete. In this regard, an agreement has been signed between the National Institute of Ayurveda, Emil Pharma, Tata Memorial Hospital and Directorate General of AYUSH, Ministry of AYUSH.

The drug is effective in stopping the growth of cancer

According to the National Institute of Ayurveda, V2S2 medicine has been prepared through Ayurvedic formula. Information has been received from the lab test that this drug can stop the growth of cancer cells. Now further research is being done regarding this. In such a situation, there is hope in the treatment of cancer with this drug. Dr. Sanchit Sharma, executive director of Emil Pharmaceuticals, said that this drug will provide an alternative in cancer treatment. The research done so far on this medicine suggests that it increases immunity against cancer. Also slows down the development of cancer cells. Due to which this disease can be saved from becoming serious.

Trial will be held in Tata Hospital

The trial of V2S2 drug for the treatment of cancer will be held at Tata Memorial Hospital. For this, the hospital management has completed all the preparations. So far, good results are being received in some trials of the drug. Evidence has been found to increase immunity and prevent cancer cells from growing. Now it is expected that its study will be completed soon. After which information about the complete benefits of this medicine will be available.

Cases increasing every year

There has been a significant increase in cancer cases since the last decade. The figures of deaths due to this disease are also increasing continuously. Wrong eating habits are considered a major reason for the increase of cancer. Experts also say that factors like improper diet and lack of exercise are also involved in the spread of the disease.

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