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Saturday, April 15, 2023

Bizarre! Husband never gave any gift to wife, woman will now take 'revenge' like this

A woman complains that her husband is very boring. After marriage, he neither gave any gift nor said two words in praise of her. The woman is deeply hurt by this attitude of her husband. The woman has now found a unique way to take 'revenge' from her husband.

Every woman wishes that her husband should be loving and caring. Along with this, give him good gifts on special occasions. But a woman complains that her husband is not only boring, but he has never given any gift after marriage . However, this woman is also nothing less. She has now found such a way to take revenge on her husband , which will boggle the mind of even a person.

The woman has shared her vicious plan with people on the social discussion forum mumsnet . However, he has hidden his identity. The woman told that her husband's birthday is about to come. Crying her sorrow in front of the people, she said, my husband never gave me any gift. While I always think of something out of the box every time to make her day special. The woman further said, 'I am hurt by his attitude, but he is my husband.'

Will take revenge from her husband like this

Last year the woman had given a wonderful gift to her husband. But when he came to know that she was eating the dust lying in the gift drawer, he felt very upset. So, now she has thought of teaching a lesson to her husband. According to the woman, she had bought that gift on the choice of her husband. The man wanted to make Kombucha (a kind of black tea) from him, for which the woman had brought him a kit. The woman said, 'Now I am going to wrap the same gift again and give it to my husband.'

What did the husband say in clarification?

When the woman asked the husband about the unopened gift lying in the drawer, he became very defensive and tried to deflect the matter. According to the woman, it was her birthday recently. But the husband did not give any gift. Yes, just took the son to choose chocolates. However, the woman is angry with her husband's actions. Many comments have come on the woman's post. One says that if she had been there, she might have done the same with her husband.

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