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Friday, April 7, 2023

Akanksha Dubey Case: 'My daughter was murdered, Samar Singh should be hanged', Akanksha Dubey's mother demanded

Akanksha Dubey Suicide Case: In the suicide case of Bhojpuri actress Akanksha Dubey, the Varanasi police and Ghaziabad police arrested the accused Bhojpuri singer-producer Samar Singh late on Thursday night in a joint operation. After this, Samar Singh was presented in Ghaziabad court today from where Varanasi police got 24-hour transit remand of the accused. On the other hand, Akanksha's mother Madhu Dubey expressed happiness over the arrest of Samar Singh in a conversation with ABP News and demanded the death penalty for the accused.

Akanksha's mother demanded justice for Yogi Adityanath
Akanksha's mother demanded justice from UP CM Yogi Adityanath and said that bulldozers should go to the accused Samar Singh's house as well. He said that as he has snatched my world, may God take away his world too.  

While Samar Singh used to beat Akanksha,
Akanksha's mother also disclosed that her daughter had told her that the accused Samar Singh had raised his hand on her several times. The mother of the late actress said that her daughter had told that Samar Singh used to beat her when she asked for money for work. After this, Akanksha's mother called Samar Singh and scolded him. Akanksha's mother said that I had clearly told Samar Singh that if anything happens to my daughter, I will not leave you. At that time he kept listening silently.

Akanksha did not file a complaint against Samar Singh
Madhu Dubey further said that I had also asked my daughter to file a police complaint against Samar Singh. On this, Akanksha refused and said that if she goes to the police against Samar, then her career will also be ruined and her whole life will be ruined. That is why Akanksha had not filed a complaint against Samar earlier. Akanksha's mother said that if her daughter had taken any action against Samar earlier, she would not have had to see this day.

Samar Singh used to torture her daughter a lot
Akanksha's mother accused Samar Singh and also said that he used to torture her daughter a lot. Madhu Dubey also accused Samar Singh that he used to keep an eye on her daughter all the time and when she was murdered in Varanasi and he was there, he did not reach and did not even call her. Even Samar Singh deleted Akanksha's photo on Instagram.

Madhu Dubey accused Samar Singh of killing her daughter
Akanksha's mother has also accused Samar Singh's brother Sanjay Singh of threatening her daughter. Madhu Dubey further said that Samar Singh wanted Akanksha to work only with him. Samar Singh used to question Akanksha a lot on working with someone else. Akanksha's mother has accused Samar Singh of killing her daughter. 

Akanksha Dubey was found dead in a hotel in Varanasi on March 26
On March 26, the dead body of Bhojpuri actress Akanksha Dubey was found hanging in a hotel room in Sarnath in Varanasi. The actress had come here for the shooting of a film.

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