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Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Worst deal in history… Former PM spoke on submarine deal between US-Australia

The former Prime Minister of Australia has condemned the decision of the nuclear submarine agreement with America. Former Prime Minister Paul Keating has asked, will we be able to protect ourselves with the help of these submarines?

Former Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating has described the country's current government's plan to buy nuclear powered submarines from the US as the worst deal in history. Keating said that these submarines would not serve Australia's military purpose.

According to the language report , Paul Keating said that China can only attack or threaten Australian soil, but Australia will sink any Chinese fleet through planes and missiles. He said that if we buy 8 submarines from America, then three will be in the sea.

Keating questioned the plan of Australia's current Anthony Albanese government and asked whether three submarines would be able to protect us from China's might? This is nonsense. Let us tell you that US President Joe Biden and Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced this deal on Monday.

'Deal necessary to deal with military construction'

Australian Defense Minister Richard Mals has said that the deal is necessary to deal with the largest military build-up in the Indo-Pacific region. The agreement between Australia and America has been named the Oaks Treaty. The aim of which is to increase military relations between the two countries.

In view of the increasing interference of China in the Indo-Pacific Ocean, this agreement has been reached between Australia and America. Military construction is being done continuously by China in the area. However, US President Biden has insisted that these submarines will not have any kind of nuclear weapon.

China's reaction to the agreement between Australia and America has also come to the fore. China said on Tuesday that due to the efforts of the three countries, the arms race will get a boost. Along with this, regional peace and stability will be harmed.

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