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Thursday, March 9, 2023

Where is Kailasa, the country of Nityananda? How to get Kailasa citizenship? Learn all about Kailaasa Country


How to get Kailaasa citizenship: At present, the latest country Kailasa (Kailaasa) has become very much discussed. When the representative of the country reached the UN to make rape accused Nityanand, the interest of people to know about Casla increased further. Many people claim that Kailasa is nothing but a fictional country because no one has recognized it as a country, so there are some reports which confirm that Kailasa has its own rules and regulations, its own currency, He also has his own passport and his own cabinet.

So let's know what is Kailasa, where is Kailasa (Where Is Kailaasa In Map) and what happens in Kailasa?

What is Kailasa?

What Is Kailaasa: Don't be confused by the name Kailasa, this country is not near Mount Kailasa. There is a rape accused baba named Nityanand who has fled from India and made his own country somewhere far away. Which has its own website, its own passport, its own currency and its own law. Kailasa claims that it is the greatest Hindu nation on earth. Which gives a safe haven to Hindus all over the world. There is no caste discrimination here. Its purpose is only to protect Sanatan Dharma.

Website of Kailasa kailaasa.org. A message appears on opening. In which it is written-

"Kailaasa is a nation without borders. It has been created for Hindus from all over the world who have been dispossessed. Who have been denied the right to practice Hinduism properly in their own country."

Where is Kailasa on the map

Where Is Kailaasa In Map: As long as Nityananda lived in India, people had made him a millionaire by donating it. People donated a lot of money and gold. As a result Nityananda became very rich. When he was accused of rape, he hid in his own island (Kailasa Island) bought in Ecuador, Latin America. Earlier the name of this island must have been something else, which it named Kailasa and declared it as its own country.

How does Kailasa country run

Kailasa is a Hindu nation. People living there have Kailasa passport, own official language like English, Hindi, Tamil and own flag which has bull with Nityananda's photo. Bull is the national animal of Kailasa. Kailasa aims to create a religious economy. Kailasa also has a Reserve Bank of Kailasa where cryptocurrencies are accepted.

Kailasa has its own cabinet, in which different portfolios have been given to the ministers. Like Department of State, Department of Technology, Department of Enlightened Civilization, Department of Human Services etc.

However, UN has declared Nityananda's country Kailasa as an imaginary country. Means it has no existence of its own. Going forward, it can also prove to be a fraud. And it is possible that the Government of India may one day drag Nithyananda back to India and put him in jail, because there are allegations of rape against him.

How to get Kailasa citizenship

We have given you the website of Kailasa kailaasa.org. Told. On going here, you get the process related to citizenship. But it would be better that you stay in your own country, don't fall for fraud here and there.

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