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Thursday, March 16, 2023

TikTok will not be banned in America! Warning to sell stake rejected

Recently, US officials had expressed apprehension that Tiktok could send the data of its American users to the Chinese government. Currently, Tiktok has more than 100 million American users.

Tiktok has rejected all those reports in which the US government has asked its Chinese owners to sell their stake in the company. This means that at present the social media platform is not being banned in America.

The company has said this while reacting to a news of The Wall Street Journal. It was claimed in this news that the Foreign Investment Committee of the US Finance Ministry has warned that if the owners of Beijing-based ByteDance Limited do not sell their stake in TikTok, then TikTok will be banned in America. .

TikTok said – the problem will not be solved like this

Tiktok spokesperson Maureen Shanahan said, if the objective is to protect national security, then disinvestment will not solve this problem. No one will ban the data flow and its access. The best way to address national security concerns is through third-party monitoring, verification, and transparency in the data and systems of American users. We are already implementing this.

Ban on tiktok in white house

Let us tell you that at the end of last month, the White House gave all federal agencies 30 days to wipe out Tiktok from all government devices. At the same time, the Texas Republican has said that anyone who has downloaded Tiktok on their device, all their personal information can be leaked. It spies on your phone.

Tiktok is a very popular app and two-thirds of teenagers in America use it. Meanwhile, people's concerns are also increasing that Beijing can get control of American user data.

ByteDance has confirmed that 60% of its shares are held by global investors, 20% by employees and 20% by its co-founders.

There is no evidence that Tiktok is a threat to national security!

Responding on Thursday, China's Foreign Ministry said that the US has not yet provided evidence that Tiktok poses a threat to national security. Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said in the daily briefing that America should change its attitude with such companies.

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