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Wednesday, March 1, 2023

This problem in children's body is a symptom of liver disease, take care like this

Liver diseases in kids:
Liver disease can happen at any age. Bad eating habits are a major reason for this. Children are also prone to liver disease.

Liver disease: Every year the patients of liver disease are increasing all over the world. Bad eating habits are the main reason for this. Most people believe that liver disease occurs only in old age, but it is not so. Children can also have this problem. Due to the increasing trend of eating junk food in children, the risk of liver disease has also increased for them. Liver disease in children begins with liver infection.

Doctors tell that there are some genetic reasons for liver disease. Liver disease occurs due to alpha 1 protein in the liver. Apart from this, due to weak immune system and hepatitis A and B, there is also a risk of liver disease. Jaundice is the first symptom of liver disease in children. Due to this, the color of their skin and nails starts turning yellow. However, by timely identifying the symptoms of liver disease, the disease does not take a serious form and is easily treated.

These symptoms are seen in liver disease

Stomach pain- People ignore the problem of stomach pain considering it as a normal problem, whereas it should not be done. If the child continues to complain of abdominal pain, then a doctor should be consulted.

Yellowing of stool

If the child's stool (feces) comes yellow and this problem persists continuously, then go to the hospital and get treatment. Do not be careless in this matter

Yellowing of the skin

Yellowing of the skin is a major sign of liver disease. it should not be ignored at all

Loss of appetite

If the child's appetite has decreased, then it is a sign of some problem in the liver. If the child is losing weight due to loss of appetite, then it can be a cause for concern.

Keep these things in mind

Do not feed junk food to children

get treatment for hepatitis

Do not give excessive amounts of flour and salt in the diet to the children.

keep the lifestyle right

Get LFT done if you see symptoms of liver failure

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