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Saturday, March 18, 2023

This CEO spent Rs 3 lakh on pizza, you will be shocked to know his salary

You must also wish that your salary would have been just enough, so that you could roam freely, eat pizza and burgers. By the way, there is a CEO whose salary you will be surprised to know, because he spent more than 3 lakh rupees in a year only on pizza.

Have you ever wished that your salary should be so much that you do not have to think before spending it. Roam as much as you want and have as much pizza-burger or favorite food as you want. By the way, there is a company which also does the work of making pizza, yet its CEO spent 3.3 lakh rupees on pizza.

It is being talked about Rich Ellison, former CEO of pizza maker Domino's Pizza , who has shown the cost of personal pizza at $ 4,000 (about Rs 3.3 lakh).

According to the news of the Financial Times, it is not that Rich Ellison spent so much money on pizza only when he was the CEO of Domino's. Earlier in 2020, during the Corona period, he has spent $ 6,129 (about Rs 5,05,840) on pizza.

Alison's salary is in crores

Rich Ellison resigned as Domino's Pizza CEO in May last year. Then he billed $ 4,000 for personal expenses on pizza. Recently, when Domino's Pizza gave information about this to the stock market, then the details of Alison's pizza expenditure came to the fore.

Rich Ellison used to get a salary of $ 71 million (about Rs 58 crore) as the CEO of the company. He spent this amount of more than Rs 3 lakh on pizza in 2021.

'Cheese Pie Pizza' will come every day

However, Domino's has not given any information about which pizzas Alison ordered or which flavors of pizzas she ate. However, according to the news of the New York Post, the amount Alison has spent on pizza, Domino's cheese pie pizza can be enjoyed every day for a whole year.

These facilities were available in addition to salary

According to the news of Financial Times, Rich Ellison also got many other facilities from the company. Such as the company's private jet, team member award and cost-of-living allowance. Along with this, he used to get money from the company to spend on pizza.

According to the estimate of restaurant consultant John Gordon, it is possible that while being the CEO of the company, he may have eaten these Domino's pizzas in meetings etc. Or he may have bought pizza when he was traveling.

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