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Sunday, March 19, 2023

The trouble of the employees who lost their jobs in Google increased, the company will stop the money!

Google Layoffs: More than 100 Google employees who have been retrenched have formed a group called 'Layed Off on Leave'. This includes people who were on maternity leave, baby bonding leave, caregiver leave, medical leave and personal leave at the time of retrenchment.

Google News: Search engine company Google had laid off in January this year. During that time the company had shown the way out to 6 percent of the total workforce. However, double trouble has struck some of the employees who have lost their jobs . According to the reports, at first he had to lose his job and now the company can withhold his leave money. More than 100 Google employees have formed a group called 'Lead Off on Leave' to solve this problem.

This group includes those who went on leave during the retrenchment. These include Google employees on Maternity Leave, Baby Bonding Leave, Caregiver Leave, Medical Leave and Personal Leave. These people have come together and demanded payment for the weeks and months of leave already approved.

Google employees sent letters

The fired employees have sent letters to company officials, including Google's Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Sundar Pichai and Chief People Officer (CPO) Fiona Ciccioni, on three separate occasions. The latest letter has been sent on March 9, but Google has not responded to any letter at the moment.

Retrenchment effect on the whole world

Meanwhile, Google employees have written an open letter to Pichai, demanding better handling of the layoffs. More than 1,400 workers have signed this letter. Through this letter, these people have expressed that Google's decision to lay off will have an impact all over the world. Apart from this, the workers should come together, because instead of being alone, their point can be kept in a better way by coming together.

Chance to say goodbye

Google employees have demanded that the employees on leave should not be given notice until their leave is over. Those to whom notice is to be given should be informed privately. Apart from this, employees should also get a chance to say goodbye to their colleagues at Google.

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