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Thursday, March 16, 2023

The sour-sweet story of Kit Kat, once it was drowned, then how did the world's famous chocolate become?

After the year 2000, there was a huge decline in the sales of Kit Kat. Cadbury's Dairy Milk gave a fierce competition. Even in Britain, sales of Kit Kat products decreased. The company had run into huge losses.

Talking about delicious chocolate, who does not know Kit Kat, but the story of the ups and downs of this company is not as sweet as its taste. Yes, this is what business is called, sometimes the brand becomes the leader of the market and sometimes it collapses. The same happened with Kit Kat . Kit Kat is also a very popular brand in India.

This company was established in the year 1911, that is, about a hundred years ago. We can say that Kit Kat has been providing the sweetness of its taste to the people for the last one hundred years. It was established in York, UK. In the last 100 years, this brand has slowly made people all over the world admire its taste. Today its value is around 250 billion dollars.

Kit Kat's Early Struggles

Kit Kat is famous for its many flavors, which make people crazy. However, when Rowntree founded it in 1911, neither the company nor the Kit Kat brand was launched in the market. Till 1930, this chocolate was retailed without any brand name.

Rowntree's troubles increased when the chocolate business was not giving him the desired results, so he had to turn his attention to another business. But the worst result of this was that the production of chocolate also came to a halt. And when no profit was given from other business, Rowntree started producing chocolate again in 1935.

Rowntree came up with a new strategy this time and started selling Kit Kat across South England including London.

Big success in 1940

Rowntree's strategy worked. The Kit Kat brand became popular in no time. Children especially took it in hand. After great success across Britain, expansion was planned in the 1940s. The company began exporting Kit Kats outside the UK to Canada, South Africa, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

When Nestle acquired

The 1960s marked the biggest boom for the Kit Kat brand. In 1959, an international advertisement was prepared for its promotion. This increased its marketing further. After which in the year 1988, the Swiss company Nestlé acquired Kit Kat. The company gave Nestlé the right to manufacture and sell chocolate worldwide except in the US .

Struggle again after 2000

This is the most frightening story in the history of Kit Kat. The company which had been a global leader for almost eight decades, its business suffered a tremendous setback. Actually Cadbury 's Dairy Milk gave a tough competition to Kit Kat in the market. Even in Britain the sales of the product decreased.

In such a situation, Nestle decided to make some new strategy. The company emphasized on increasing the flavors and its new packaging. Associate companies producing Kit Kat in different countries of the world, such as Nestle and Hershey, started working in this direction.

The result showed positive. With multiple flavors and products at once, the Kit Kat car is back on track. In the year 2022, the brand value of Kit Kat reached $ 2.45 billion.

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