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Friday, March 17, 2023

The girl gave her heart in the first date, got married, then the 'disgusting' truth of the lover came to the fore

Shocking News:
A woman married a man after truly loving him. But only after a few days, such a disgusting truth came to the fore that she was not able to tolerate the shock.

Husband Turns Out Cheater: A woman fell in love with someone at first sight. After just 20 days of dating, she got married to her lover. But after a few days, such a disgusting truth of her lover came to the fore, knowing which the ground slipped under her feet. The woman alleges that the lover had married her only because of the greed of her two cows. The woman has filed a complaint against her boyfriend in the police station accusing him of cheating. The matter is of Heilongjiang province of Northeast China .

According to the report of South China Morning Post, Hongjuan had met a person named Dacheng online. Soon both fell in love and got married. According to the woman, Dacheng took her into confidence by telling her that he had his own company and was independently wealthy with savings of $1.6 million in addition to three properties. But after marriage, the woman came to know that he does not do any work and is a gambler.

Lover cheated like this

Hongxuan was the owner of two cows and a field. He said that on the day of the wedding, Dacheng convinced him to sell both his cows by promising to lead a better life in the city. This gave him two and a half thousand dollars. However, the woman soon realized that the better life she was waiting for was just a fantasy. Dacheng turns out to be a fraud. The woman alleges that he never went to work. He was addicted to playing lotteries and had already squandered the cow's money.

Then left alone and ran away

When the money ran out, Dacheng asked Hongjuan to return home alone on New Years. Then, saying that he was going alone on a business trip, he left her alone in the city and ran away. However, even after all this, Hongjuan had faith in her husband. When he too had no money left, he called Dacheng. But Dacheng had also changed his number.

Not only this, the person even deleted his social media account. The woman is not able to tolerate the betrayal met by her husband. The woman says that she had true love, but he turned out to be a cheater. The woman has appealed to the police to find her absconding husband.

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