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Saturday, March 18, 2023

Queen Victoria's granddaughter used to bathe in this spa without clothes, banned after the accident

Turkish Baths: Harrogate is a 19th-century Turkish bath in Britain, where people used to bathe without clothes. Here bathing without clothes has been banned and now entry will not be given without swimwear.

Turkish Baths Harrogate: There is a spa in the UK, Turkish Bath Harrogate, where people arrive to relax. The special thing is that this spa was built in the 19th century, and it has been used even by the granddaughter of Queen Victoria. You might be surprised but here people used to take bath without clothes. Now spa has changed this policy and banned entry without swimwear. Actually, someone had complained to the police about inappropriate behavior with them, after which Turkish Bath had to make such a policy.

BBC said in a report that both men and women go to Turkish Bath Harrogate to bathe and relax, where swimwear was optional earlier, and people used to wear it of their own free will and many preferred to bathe without clothes. The spa has taken the decision to ban nude bathing while the police are investigating an 'inappropriate behaviour' case after receiving a complaint. Police told that this case came to light last month, and the investigation of the case is still in the initial phase.

Swimwear mandatory amid police investigation

A spokeswoman for Harrogate Borough Council (a council set up to look after the spa) said Turkish bath Harrogate has made swimwear compulsory for all bathing sessions following complaints amid a police investigation. He told that the matter is serious, so a complaint was made to the police. It is our duty to take care of our customer and team members, and make bathing here safe.

Queen Victoria's granddaughter also used

According to media reports, for 120 years, people reach from far and wide in the Turkish Bath Harrogate. The age limit for entry here is 16 years. It used to be quite common in Victorian times, but with the change of time and circumstances, it decreased and now it is said that the number of such Turkish baths has remained seven. It is said that Queen Victoria's granddaughter, cabinet minister, foreign celebrities have also used this Turkish bath.

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