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Friday, March 10, 2023

Notes are printed in this city of Madhya Pradesh, it is also a special place to visit, know

There are many natural, religious and historical places to visit in Madhya Pradesh. There are many such places here which are special in themselves. Dewas of MP is also famous among the states for printing notes across the country. This city is known for the printing of notes. It also has a special identity for the people from the religious point of view. People reach here from far and wide to have darshan of Dewas Wali Mata. There is also a hill temple here which is quite famous.

Dewas Mata Temple is counted among the Shaktipeeths.

The temple situated in the hill of Dewas is known as Dewas Tekri. People also recognize this temple by the names of Chamunda Devi and Tulja Bhavane's temple. Not only Navratri here, there is always movement of devotees. This temple is very famous because it is counted among the Shaktipeeths of India. It is most important to visit Bheru Baba in this temple. It is a belief that the wishes of the devotees who reach to visit the mother in this temple are definitely fulfilled. Because of which there is an influx of devotees everyday.

Notes are printed in MP's Dewas

Notes are also printed in Dewas of Madhya Pradesh, due to which it is also famous. Notes are printed in the note press of Dewas. 20, 50, 100, 500 rupee notes are printed here. The ink used in the notes is also produced here. It is worth mentioning here that the work of printing notes is done in four bank note presses in the country. Notes are printed in India in Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka and West Bengal. About 265 crore rupees notes are printed in Dewas of MP in a year.

places to visit in dewas

There are also many places to visit in Dewas. Gidiya Kho, Khudail Devta's temple and Meetha Talab are also present here. Where beauty is made on seeing. It is very much liked by the tourists who reach here. Dewas district is situated just 35 kilometers away from Indore. Which is also known by the name of note printing factory. Dewas Mata Tekri is most famous here. People reach from far and wide to visit the mother here.

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