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Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Meta employees forced to quit their jobs! Performance rating spoiled the 'game'

Meta is creating performance ratings for its employees. In such a situation, people getting low ratings may have to leave the job. As a result, another round of layoffs may begin in the company.

Nowadays there is a phase of layoffs in the IT sector . Tech world giant Meta is again in discussion regarding this. According to reports, Meta may say goodbye to some more of its employees in the coming week. Meta has already fired around 12,000 employees. According to Bloomberg's report, the company may lay off again to meet its financial target.

According to the report, Meta was earlier earning big money through advertisements, but now its focus is on Metaverse . For this, the company wants to save money and in such a situation, planning is going on to fire people.

Rating given to Meta employees

Meta's directors and vice presidents have been asked to prepare a list of employees. In this list, ratings have been issued for the employees. People will be trimmed according to this rating only. Although the company has not said anything publicly about this. According to people aware of the matter, the next round of layoffs could be completed in the next one week.

Those Meta employees who will be given bad rating will have to leave the job. According to the report, the senior officers of the company expect that many employees of Meta will leave the job due to the low rating. On the other hand, if the employees do not leave the job on their own, then the company will fire them on its own. In such a situation, the effect of bad rating can be negative for the employees and they may face problems while applying for a new job.

Meta will bring AI tools for engineers

Meta is reportedly planning to reduce the number of employees to maintain its quality. Mark Zuckerberg said that he wants to make Meta better. People are being fired because of complaints received at work. Apart from this, Meta has said that it is removing some people from the management. Apart from this, the company is also developing AI tools to make engineers more productive. Due to this also people can lose their jobs.

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