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Thursday, March 16, 2023

Helicopter Crash: Army Cheetah helicopter crash in Arunachal Pradesh, two missing including pilot

Helicopter Crash: Indian Army's Cheetah helicopter has crashed near Mandla hill area of ​​Arunachal Pradesh. The helicopters were on sortie flight but in between they lost contact with ATC.

Helicopter Crash : A big accident has happened in Arunachal Pradesh. A Cheetah helicopter of the Indian Army has crashed in Mandla hill area of ​​the state . After the accident, a search operation has been started to find the pilots. The complete details of how the incident took place have not been revealed yet. After the accident, the missing pilots are being searched.

Regarding the crash, Defense PRO Lt. Col. Mahendra Rawat in Guwahati said that a Cheetah helicopter flying an operation sortie near Bomdila in Arunachal Pradesh was reported to have lost contact with the ATC at 09:15 on Thursday morning. He has said that there is news of helicopter crashing near Mandla, west of Bomdila. Search operation has been started.

Please inform that in March 2022, a Cheetah helicopter had crashed in Jammu and Kashmir as well. In this accident, one of the two pilots was killed while one was seriously injured. Bad weather was said to be responsible for the accident. The accident happened when the helicopter was about to land, but lost control due to bad weather.

This helicopter is single engine

The Cheetah helicopters of the Indian Army are counted among the light helicopters. It is a single engine helicopter. The Indian Army has 200 Cheetah helicopters. Systems like Ground Proximity Warning System and Weather Radar are not installed in the helicopter. This is the reason that they become victims of accidents in bad weather.

Anyway, Arunachal Pradesh is surrounded by hills. In such a situation, the weather changes suddenly here. It is not easy to fly any helicopter in these areas. This is the reason why there have been more accidents in these places than in other states.

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