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Friday, March 17, 2023

G20 Summit: Trees were planted to decorate the city, thieves came in an expensive car and ran away

Nagpur: In Nagpur, the sub-capital of Maharashtra, trees and plants are being planted to decorate the city before the G20. He liked two people, he took them in his car. No fear to the thief, no news to those whose trees were stolen.

Nagpur: Two thieves alighted from gleaming vehicles, silently without making any noise… stole three-four plants, kept them in the car and started moving. A responsible person recorded everything with his mobile phone and this act went viral on social media. Nagpur Police woke up from sleep. Two people were arrested on Thursday (March 17) evening on charges of plant theft. His luxury car has been seized. Vigorous preparations are on for the G20 summit in Nagpur, the sub-capital of Maharashtra .

These plants have been planted to make the city clean and beautiful. But the two people caught liked these plants and they picked them up to decorate their office. Both the arrested persons have confessed their crime. The registration number of the car used in stealing the plant is MH01BB8298. It has been seized from Chhatrapati Metro station.

In Nagpur, two persons came in a car, stole the saplings… loved it, picked it up!

Parking this car on one side of this station, these two people crossed the road very comfortably in the middle of the evening. Crossing the divider below the pillar for Metro, went to the other side of the road and picked up the plants and brought them to his car. In fact, beautiful trees and plants are being planted along the roads of Nagpur through which foreign guests will pass for the G20 summit.

Amazing happened then, neither the person whose thing was stolen had any information, nor any case was registered

The amazing thing happened when no case was registered regarding this theft. Nor did the contractor who got the contract to plant saplings for the beautification of the city know about it. Nagpur police woke up when the video went viral on social media. Ran here and there to search. The plant stealer's phone number was found to be from Chandrapur, the thief turned out to be from Mumbai, from where the plants were stolen, his auto dealership shop was found on the roadside.

No fear to the thief, no effect to the looter, no worries to the Nagpur Police

When this news went viral on social media, City Police Chief Amitesh Kumar informed Zonal DCP Anurag Jain. Only then did the team of Rana Pratap Nagar police station swung into action and traced the thief. Meanwhile, the contractor named Kirit Bose did not even know that his plants had been stolen. Later he confirmed that yes some plants were stolen. But till now they have not been able to reach the exact conclusion as to how many plants were stolen. He has definitely said that they were very expensive. For the G20 meeting, decorations were brought from South India to decorate the city.

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