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Friday, March 10, 2023

Exclusive: Committee strict on PM insult, membership of RaGa may be cancelled!

A day before the meeting of the parliamentary committee, Rahul Gandhi had said that he will not apologize and will continue to raise the voice of the poor people against crony capitalism in the interest of the people.

New Delhi: BJP MP Nishikant Dubey demanded in front of the Privileges Committee of Parliament that the membership of Congress MP Rahul Gandhi be cancelled. According to sources, Dubey said before the committee that defaming PM Modi's name without any evidence through the Hindenburg report is a blow to the country's image. The BJP MP said that in his 50-minute speech, Rahul Gandhi took Adani's name 75 times. From this it can be understood that how restless he was for that matter. According to sources, the Privilege Committee may call Rahul Gandhi next week for questioning in the Hindenburg Adani case.

Dubey argued before the committee that for canceling Rahul Gandhi's membership, a case of privilege is made out against him for three reasons. The first reason is that under Rule 352 (2) of Parliament, prior to making any serious allegation against any MP or Minister, permission has to be obtained by giving information to the Lok Sabha speaker, which Rahul Gandhi did not do. Dubey argued that when PM Modi is both a member of the Lok Sabha and the Prime Minister of the country, how can you make such a big allegation without giving any notice.

BJP MP Nishikant Dubey gave this argument

Sources said that Dubey, seeking cancellation of Rahul Gandhi's membership before the committee, argued that in 1976, while demanding cancellation of Subramanian Swamy's membership of the Rajya Sabha, the then Leader of the House in the Rajya Sabha Kamlapati Tripathi had said "Justice Delayed is justice denied. Dubey said in front of the parliamentary committee that then Leader of the House Rajya Sabha Kamalpati Tripathi had said that any allegation against the PM of the country… becomes an allegation against the country because the PM is the pride of the country”.

Demand to cancel Rahul Gandhi's membership

According to sources, Dubey said that the second reason for cancellation of Rahul Gandhi's membership could be that even though the Lok Sabha speaker has expunged his speeches, two tweets of Rahul Gandhi are still present on his Twitter handle, while he All have been expanded. Along with this, Dubey also said in front of the Privilege Committee that even though a large part of his speech has been removed from the proceedings of Lok Sabha, but Rahul Gandhi's YouTube channel and Indian National Congress's YouTube channel are still exposed without Rahul Gandhi. The speech is going on.

Rahul Gandhi has become stubborn

The third reason for privilege on Rahul Gandhi arises because he questioned and challenged the integrity of the speaker. Dubey told the committee that if the speaker has exposed, it cannot be challenged. But Rahul Gandhi is continuously saying in the country and even abroad that he is not allowed to speak in Parliament, his mike is switched off. How can you raise questions on the speaker like this. Rahul Gandhi has become stubborn by repeatedly accusing the speaker. Dubey also said that Kamlapati Tripathi ji had said in the Rajya Sabha in 1976 itself that any kind of wrong statement about the head of the country going abroad is injurious to the nation.

There may be hearing again next week

A total of 8 members were present in the committee meeting today. DMK MP TR Balu was not present in the meeting but he had given it in writing that there is no privilege issue against Rahul Gandhi. While Congress MP K Suresh said that when Rahul's speech was exposed then why the matter of privilege is being made. In the committee meeting, TMC MP Kalyan Banerjee got Dubey authenticated many cases and did a little more cross questioning.

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