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Friday, March 10, 2023

Does the color not darken after applying henna? 5 mistakes are the reason for this, keep in mind from now on

Mehandi Tips: There is a lot of craze for applying mehndi during festivals or wedding season. Mehendi brings color to the hands of some women, but some complain that the color of Mehendi does not darken even after waiting for hours on their hands. Let's know the reason for this.

Do not wash your hands at all with soap or soapy water for a few hours.

Allow henna to dry in natural air, do not use dryer or fan.

Mehandi Tips: Mehndi made in hands works to enhance beauty. The darker the black, the brighter the design. However, many women are worried about why the henna on their hands or feet does not deepen, while they make every effort. Actually, we unknowingly do some such work due to which it does not get deep on the palm. In such a situation, their design also does not look good and the mehndi remains faded. Here we are telling you what are the reasons for this. If you know the reason for their not deepening, then you will be careful in future and the color of mehndi will be good.

Do not do these mistakes after applying henna

Washing with soap

When the henna dries, do not wash your hands with soap or soapy water after removing them. By doing this, the color of your mehndi may fade and the design may also get spoiled.

Avoid waxing or shaving

Do not shave or wax your hands after applying henna. If you have to do all this, then do it first and only then put expensive things on your hands. Actually, by doing this, the upper layer of your skin comes off due to which the color of mehndi fades.

Stay away from water

Do not wash your hands immediately after removing henna. Protect hands from water for at least six hours. If possible, take bath only after 12 hours of applying henna. The better way for this is to apply henna at night.

Excessive use of lemon sugar

If you use more than the mixture of sugar and lemon to deepen the color, then the color of mehndi will turn dark brown. That's why it would be better if you use it in small quantities.

Use of dryer

If you are using a blow dryer to dry the mehndi of your hands and feet quickly, then the color of mehndi will not become darker. This can melt your henna and spoil the design of henna. 

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