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Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Do you know the right age to become a parent? Also read The biggest disadvantages of delaying child birth

To become a parent, it is most important to plan a child at the right age. The problem arises when people go ahead of the right time by doing little more.. little more.

What is the Best Age to Have a Baby: Between today's modern lifestyle and the struggle to always do better than others, there is a different competition among people. Because of this, boys or girls, women and men are running after progress and money. In the process of making a career and running in the long race of earning money, people have become secondary to the concept of their family and child. In such a situation, the question is, what is the right age to become a parent? Aren't you late?

What should be the right age for a woman to have a child?

This thing is known when the doctor tells you or says that you cannot become a mother or you cannot become a father. Nowadays, most women give birth to their first child at the age of 30. But now many people get married at the age of 30. Only after that people plan children. Although many things depend on physical conditions and lifestyle whether there will be children or not. Some people do not have any problem even after having a child late, but with some people there is a lot of trouble.  

Technically speaking, a girl or woman can become a mother from the age of 12 to 51 years. This means that any girl is capable of producing children only after her periods come and when she is at the age of 51 to 55 years when her periods are over, then she is pregnant. Can't be. Various reports have said that the right age for a woman to have children is 20 to 30.5 years. As a girl grows up, her power to produce children starts decreasing.

This is the perfect timing to have a baby

There are many problems in conceiving a child if you are not pregnant at the right time. That's why it is often said that children should be born at a reasonable age. Otherwise, many types of health related problems start. Health experts say that the best time to get pregnant is between your late 20s and early 30s. This is such an age limit in which the health of both mother and child is good. It has also been revealed in a research that the right age for a woman to have a child is 30.5 years. At the same time, many doctors believe that age is just a number. It should be your decision whether you want to get pregnant or not. Because whenever you are thinking of starting a family, the most important thing is that you are strong both emotionally and financially to invest in it. 

How does age affect the ability to have children?

Females are born with about 20 lakh eggs. Till the age of 37, a woman has only 25 thousand eggs left. And till the age of 51 years, only 1 thousand eggs are left. According to doctors, as the age of a woman increases, the quality of eggs also decreases in them. As the girl grows up, the power to produce a child starts decreasing inside her. Like endometriosis and tubal disease also start increasing. Your fertility begins to decline gradually around the age of 32. Between the ages of 35 and 37, a woman's fertility begins to decline more rapidly. With increasing age, many problems have to be faced in getting pregnant. After 30, many women also have to face infertility. 

What is the danger of getting pregnant at the age of 35 and above?

sugar in pregnancy

blood pressure

premature birth

heavy blood loss after delivery

low birth weight baby

possibility of cesarean delivery


placenta previa

down syndrome

There are other factors that can lower your chances of getting pregnant:


cancer treatment, such as radiation and chemotherapy

pelvic infection

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