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Saturday, March 11, 2023

'City girl seen in bamboo basket', users made fun of Urfi's new act

Social media star Urfi Javed has surprised everyone with his new video. TV actress Urfi Javed has presented her new clothes in front of everyone.

No one knows when Bigg Boss OTT fame and social media sensation Urfi Javed will emerge with a new charisma. Although his artistry will definitely surprise you every time. Urfi Javed has now become a big name. Her fashion sense has caught the attention of well-meaning people. Not only this, now even the stars of the industry have become fans of her fashion. Meanwhile, the actress has made everyone see her new artwork.

Actually Urfi has shared a video and a picture on his Instagram account and Twitter account. Which has attracted everyone's attention. In the shared video, the actress has presented a new feat of her artistry. It can be seen in the video that the first two bamboo baskets are visible. Later she prepares outfits for herself from those bamboo baskets. This avatar of Urfi in a bamboo outfit is very different.

Sharing this video, Urfi Javed wrote in the caption that, it is made from bamboo basket, I think it is a dying art now. I always wondered how the artisans make such wonderful utensils, chairs, tables using bamboo cords. Blows my mind. On the one hand, many people like this video and are also praising it. At the same time, some social media users are making fun of Urfi.

While commenting, a user wrote, Baby likes bamboo. One wrote, you are not afraid of bamboo. One user wrote, have some shame. Tell me, Urfi Javed has been a victim of trolling so many times that now she does not care at all about people's words. She wears what she likes and flaunts it.

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