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Friday, March 17, 2023

ChatGPT Plus subscription started in India, will have to spend this much money every month

ChatGPT Plus users can also use the new generation GPT-4. This chatbot can respond to both text and images.

Indian users can now subscribe to ChatGPT Plus . OpenAI has announced this in a tweet. Through Plus service, users will be able to use better and new features. Apart from this, users will be able to use AI Chatbot even after high demand.

OpenAI's tweet has been retweeted by the company's CEO Sam Altman. Apart from this, OpenAI is also working with Indian social media platform Koo.

Meanwhile, some users have claimed that even after ChatGPT Plus Subscription is available in India, there is a problem in payment. The reason for this could be the new rules of RBI, which do not allow auto-deduction.

ChatGPT Plus Subscription Price

OpenAI launched the ChatGPT Plus subscription in February. Its cost is $ 20 (about Rs 1,650) per month. At present, the company has not mentioned the prices for India in its tweet. In such a situation, it is believed that the company has not changed the prices for India. That is, users will have to pay in USD for this.

You can also use GPT-4 for free

If you want to use GPT-4 technology for free, there is a way to do that too. Microsoft has recently revealed that its Bing Chat is running with GPT-4. Bing Chat is free to use in India. Its app version is also available.

Bing Chat was launched globally last month. Although earlier it was available only for limited users. According to a report, now Microsoft is rolling it out for all users. Its use will be absolutely free.

- Open Bing Search on any browser and find the chat option on the top left.

- Now go to Join the Waitlist and log in with Microsoft account.

- If you are on Chrome or any other browser then you can be redirected to another page.

- After this, when you go to Edge, Bing Chat will be activated with GPT-4.

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