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Sunday, March 19, 2023

Can political awareness and hunger for news make you mentally ill?

People who are born and brought up in the internet age take the information available online as indisputable. This creates a world where there is a lot of conflict between people's views. Read Akshit Joshi's report.

Being constantly updated with the news and political awareness can have a negative impact on any common man. This information was obtained from a recent study. It was also revealed in the study that news coverage has more effect than different sources of facts. It directly affects our subconscious mind and can interfere in our life in surprising ways.

Because of these, we can assess things in a wrong way. Our opinion about other countries can change and this can affect our health badly. Due to this, post-trauma stress, anxiety and depression can also increase. It has also been found in new research that this can affect our physical health as well.

First some basic but important things

Once someone had said that if the news is to be stopped immediately, then something new has to be invented the very next moment. This explains well the need for news for social creatures like us.

The literal meaning of news is anything new (Something new is NEWS.). The desire to know what is going on around us is fulfilled only by the news.

Starting with short, local and bullet-pointed news items and boldness, the form of news today has completely changed and is now called 'media'.

Not only news has changed, the technology and ethics of news have also changed over time.

Because of this, news and media have become such a relationship with their users, which even those who started it had never imagined.

Does the news cause depression and anxiety?

In today's competitive era, news has reached beyond just a source of information. News today is crafted to grab people's attention and includes everything from astrological predictions to sensational health claims.

Along with essential information, the abundance of news available online has created an overload, which has become difficult for people to handle. The constant bombardment of information affects the way we think and perceive without us even realizing it.

Studies show that it can lead to depression and anxiety. There is also a fact in this that those people who are born in the internet age and have grown up in its shadow, consider the information available online as undeniable.

This creates a world where there is a lot of conflict between people's views. Also, a very disturbing atmosphere is created. This can lead to emotional distress and even depression.

Terms like 'trigger', 'slowflex' and 'cancel culture' are evidence of how online information can provoke emotional aspects of real life.

Is it important to know what is happening in the world?

Some people often defame politics and call anyone a politician. Whether at home or office, it is often used as an allegation. The thing to note is that there is such a tool of politics, which has given us our present civilizational progress. Politics enabled us to go from small hunter-gatherer societies to the much larger populations that work in well-coordinated harmony today.

The only caveat behind this situation is that the game of politics has always been in the hands of the elite. For a group of people to engage in anything, it needs knowledge, historical perspective, and effort to have a sense of civilization.

Without proper mediums of education, the democratization of information is increasing. However, it brought the secret language of real politics to every household, making everyone a political critic. However, youth and influential people have suffered the most due to this.

The ways in which parents raise their children, they completely affect those children and its effect is often visible later. The system of power is inherently corrupt, often unfair and blood-soaked. This kind of ideology will definitely affect the youth and inexperienced people and will have a negative effect on their mental health for a long time.

Understand it with an example

For example, liberal ideologies cite progressive qualities and unknowingly pressurize the youth to follow the changing religious practices. This would certainly put too much pressure on anyone to always act progressively and lead to protests.

If youth are not able to meet the standards of political correctness in everyday life, it often negates the youth's need for discovery and can lead to depression and anxiety.

Such a dilemma may exist in conservative circles, where the urge to adhere to pre-existing traditions conflicts with the possibility of engaging in new ways in the lives of young people, taking into account the growing mental health issues today. are developed. This strictness and lack of new paths makes the youth lost in conservative circles, due to which they can get stressed.

This problem increases further when conflicting news with ideological biases is included in it. At the same time preaching and conflicting ideological groups clash with each other to such an extent that people do not get a chance to improve their mental health. Even they are often unaware of it.

Then who is responsible for this?

Given that humans are evolutionary prepared to assess danger, but the pattern of constant news exposure has killed this natural instinct. Bad news is also news, but once it gets caught in the news cycle, newsmakers keep running that news and other related news regardless of the negative impact it may have in the long term.

Newsmakers' lack of empathy towards their consumers and their pursuit of making money fuel polarisation. As a result, feelings of uncertainty, fear, sadness and anger flare up.

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