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Saturday, February 18, 2023

You earn, I eat sitting at home! Unique story of unemployed husband with 3 wives

An unemployed man is in the limelight these days and that is because he has not one but three wives, who live with him. The special thing is that all three of them earn and the husband eats comfortably sitting at home. Still, why all three live together, the reason behind it is very interesting.

Now the world is not the same as before where only the husband earns and the wife sits at home doing household chores. Now both husband and wife have started working and are walking shoulder to shoulder with each other. However, in many homes it is also seen that the wife does the job and the husband takes care of the responsibilities of the house. Nowadays one such case is in discussion, but the special thing is that there is only one husband and three wives and all three of them work and the husband rests at home. (Photo: Instagram/

According to the report of the Daily Star, the name of this only husband with three wives is Nick Davis, who is also known as Trophy Husband. Nick, 39, is unemployed himself, but all three of his wives work full-time. Nick also has two children. (Photo: Instagram/

Where people usually find only one wife heavy, while Nick is unemployed, he is keeping 3-3 wives together and the surprising thing is that all the three wives have no objection to living together. The reason behind this is very interesting, knowing about which one is surprised. (Photo: Instagram/

According to reports, Nick's first wife's name is April, second's Jennifer and third's Daniel. After 9 years of marrying April, he brought his third wife home and the special thing is that it was April who introduced Nick to Jennifer. After this, he met his third wife Daniel during a show and then all four became each other. (Photo: Instagram/

Nick's wives say that he is very romantic and all three like his way of love on the bed. According to Nick's first wife April, she could not please Nick alone, so she introduced Daniel to her husband, because she knew that Nick would definitely like Daniel. (Photo: Instagram/ students love these states of India! UP also in top 5, see full listDo you know, foreign students from 160 countries of the world are studying in the country. Let us tell you that in which state maximum number of foreign students have taken admission.

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