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Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Wow technology, now you will be able to kiss your partner without going near, you will get real feeling

Chinese Kissin Device:
If you also want to kiss your far away partner easily, then this kissing device is your useful device. See here the features of this device which gives real experience.

Chinese Kissin Device: Now you will not need any partner to kiss. Now you can kiss whenever you want. Yes, in fact, China has invented a new device. This device is being promoted in the name of Real Physical Intimacy . You can easily kiss through this device. In such a situation, it can prove to be very beneficial for those living in a long distance relationship. Let us tell you that this device is becoming quite viral on social media. Through this device, you can kiss your partner anytime by sitting anywhere far away. According to the reports, this device gives the experience of a real kiss. There are many types of sensors available in the kissing device which provide a very real experience.

Chinese Kissin Device

This device is equipped with unique kissing device pressure sensors and actuators with silicone lips.

According to reports, by copying the pressure, speed and temperature of the users' lips, it has the ability to copy an actual kissing.

Apart from the kissing speed, this device can also transmit the voice emitted by the users for the convenience of the users.

Use like this

1. To use the kissing device, users have to download an app on their smartphones.

2. After this the kissing device has to be plugged into the charging port of the phone.

3. Now there will be an option to pair the device with the partner on the app.

4. Pair up with your partner on this app.

5. After doing this, your partner will have to make a video call.

6. In this, if you want, you can also transmit the replica of your kiss.

This was the reason for making the device

The inventor of this device, Jiang Zhongli, told that he was in a long distance relationship with his partner. In such a situation, they used to contact each other only through phone. For this reason they have made this device. According to media reports, Jiang applied for the patent in 2019 but its patent expires in January 2023. Now they hope that if any user is interested in this device, then he can make any improvement in it.

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