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Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Woman lifts 20 kg barbell from breast, video created panic

A video of a woman on Tiktok is creating a lot of panic. In this, the woman is seen lifting the table and barbell from her breast. Whoever saw the video is stunned.
Woman Lift Barbell With Her Breast: You must have seen people lifting heavy weights in the gym and building muscles with barbells. But have you seen any woman lifting barbell with her plus size breast ? That too not of one or two kilos, but of full 45 pounds i.e. 20 kilos barbell. The video of this female Tiktoker named Keona has created panic on the internet. According to the report of nypost, the video has been viewed more than 45 million times. In this, the woman is seen doing strange feats with her breast .

According to media reports, Tiktoker Keyona with the handle @keyonat@3 filmed this video in response to the video of another Tiktoker named @joss_maura. In the viral clip, Keona can be seen lifting a table weighing 28 pounds with her plus size breasts. People don't think it's fake, Keona also shows it by raising both her hands in the air. Apart from this, Keona also shows off lifting a 45-pound barbell. Believe me, you too will be stunned after watching this video.

Woman did amazing stunts with breast, watch video
Needless to say that Tiktok users are in awe of Keona's strange 'power'. There has been a flurry of reactions from people on Keona's video. One user has to say, 'I think this is how the pyramids were built.' At the same time, another user has asked Keona with great surprise, when did you come to know that you have this kind of talent too.

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