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Thursday, February 16, 2023

Two married couple who change their partner every night, even the children don't mind

Two married couples are living under the same roof. The women have relations with each other's husbands. Both have given birth to children, but they do not know who their real father is. The discussion of this strange relationship is in full swing on social media.

Married Couple Who Swap Partners Every Night: These days the discussion of two married couples is in full swing on social media . Both the couples are living together under the same roof and raise the family together. Now you must be wondering what is so special about it. Actually, both the married couples not only live together, but also exchange partners every night . The surprising thing is that even the children of the couple have no objection to this. Now both these couples have spoken openly about their relationship .

Originally from America, couple Alicia and Tyler Rogers were already parents to two children. When the children were 7–8 years old, she began a romantic relationship with her married friends, Sean and Taya Heartless. Both the couples entered into a foursome relationship in the year 2020. After this, Alicia and Taya gave birth to sons, but both of them do not know who is the real father of the children.

Alicia says that if the children ask about their father, she will help them find out. At the same time, Taya says that we want our children to feel us as equal parents. Now this family of eight people has shifted to Lebanon. He has an account named polyfamory on Instagram and Tiktok, where thousands of people follow him. Alicia and Taya often surprise their fans with their unusual setups behind closed doors.

In a video, the men of the house tell how they change their partners every night. At one place both the men are also shown sharing the bed. However, he says that there is no relationship between them. They only do wife swapping. According to an Insta post, initially the couple had problems ranging from trust building to jealousy, but later all four of them got into a romantic relationship.

When people raised questions on this strange relationship that they would never be able to become good parents. On this, Alicia says that her children know that their parents are dating Sean and Taya. According to the woman, she has told the children that she has a boyfriend and the father has a girlfriend. That's why you should consider them just like your parents.

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